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Bled cup 2019

World CUP 2019


Aeronautical association of Slovenia.

Begunjska 10, 4248 LESCE, SLOVENIA

28. - 30.06.2019

1.    The competition will take place from 28.06.2019 until 30.06.2019.

2.    The competition schedule:

June 27 08.00 - 18.00Training jumps
17.00 - 23.00Registration
June 28 07.45Team leaders meeting
June 2908.00Competition
June 30 08.00 - 15.00Competition
 The closing ceremony

3.     The Bled Cup is organised by the ALPSKI LETALSKI CENTER LESCE, a member of the Aeronautical association of Slovenia.

4.     WCS / Bled Cup events:

#1 Team accuracy
  • Teams can be mixed and assembled on spot
  • 8 jumps per team (min. 4)
  • A team consists of 5 members (all 5 results count as the team result).
#2 Individual accuracy
  • 8 jumps per competitor (min. 4)
  • Scoring is the same as with #1.

5.     The entry fee is 180,00 € per competitor. It must be paid on the day of arrival, upon registration.

6.     Limit 45 teams
     Refund € 10 for jumps not made

7.    Expenses for travelling to and from Lesce and for all necessary local transport must be covered by the team themselves. Accomodation and food can be arranged by the organiser on request only.

8.    FAI SC section 5, CR - and Bled Cup local rules will apply.

Local regulations:
a) The wind speed 5.1.3. FAI Rules
b) The dead center disc is a 2 cm diameter

9.    There will be separate classifications for male and female contestants, should at least 6 individual female contestants enter the competition.

10.    Winners will recieve meadls and cups in all cetegories and events.

11.    Chief judge is Darko Svetina. Judges will be nominated later.

12.    The protest fee is 50 €.
All protest must be handed to the chief judge immediately after grounds for protest appear.

WCS/Bled Cup 2019
Organising commite